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The process of CALCHEM H.I.T. SYSTEM

The hologram transfer process involves a specially designed machine that combines a hologram transfer film and a special radiation curable coating, to create the hologram image on cardboard or selected papers.

This off-line machine includes its own feeder, a coating unit, a special hologram unit to transfer the holograms and a delivery. It does not require to be attached to a printing press.

The printed paperboard or selected paper is fed into the machine, making contact with the special radiation curable coating and the hologram transfer film. The printed substrate comes out with the spot hologram in register with the rest of the image of the package. If you wish, you can also have an overall hologram.

The hologram transfer film is unwound and rewound, after making contact with the coated substrate and separating from it. In a clean environment and combined with our special radiation curable coating, the hologram transfer film can be reused more than 15 times.

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