Dual Functional Cold Foil Stamping And Hologram Images Transfer Technology
  Hologram and Cold Foil Technologies



Our newest technology combines the Hologram Image Transfer – CALCHEM H.I.T. SYSTEM with the Cold Foil Stamping process. This is the first off-line machine that has ever been produced combining these two technologies.

This off-line process is definitively a value added concept!

Cold Foil Stamping:

This process applies a radiation curable adhesive on the substrate, using a conventional lithographic plate. This adhesive acts as a bonding agent for the metallic foil, to transfer its images onto the surface. This process transfers the metallic image on the substrate,  regardless how detail of half tones the images is.

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This technology eliminates the high cost of making a hot stamping die and a complicated and time consumed process for etching the metallic die. In the process, only a lithographic plate is needed, for its simplicity and accuracy.

A minimum spoilage of metallic foil is achived on this machine, due to the controlling of the space between two adjacent printed sheets.

The Cold Foil Stamping can be applied on the paper substrate prior to printing or after printing. A special metallic printing effect can be achieved in combining with the Hologram Image Transfer process.

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