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Calchem H.I.T. System On Printed Board Spot And Overall Holograms With No Film Deposit

CALCHEM H.I.T. transfers hologram images on printed substrates with no film lamination involved. This value-added technology can be used for counterfeit prevention, decoration and to differentiate your packaging at a lower cost, compared to the traditional lamination process of creating holograms.


Spot Transfer on Selected Areas

With our Hologram Image Transfer technology you can decide where to place the hologram within the package. For instance, you may transfer the hologram only to the product’s name, company logo or a spot promotional image, to catch the attention of the observer.



Aesthetic and Counterfeit Prevention Applications

With a large selection of hologram patterns available, this technology can transfer hologram images on printed cardboard, selected papers and even on metallizing surfaces. Customizing your own hologram pattern is optional.

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Since this technology is so unique, it’s almost impossible to counterfeit a package that has been spot hologram transferred. This makes the hologram transfer technology a great option for pharmaceutical packaging, consumer products packaging and book covers, among many others.





Cost Savings with an Environmentally Friendly Technology

Because the regular process of creating holograms involves a plastic film lamination, each printed piece becomes expensive and very hard to recycle.

Our H.I.T. system creates the hologram image on printed substrates, without the plastic lamination, saving the cost of the laminated plastic layer. It also makes each piece cheaper, and recyclable.


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