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A Commitment to Consistency, Quality and Technology.

Calchem Corporation is a global company specialized in providing solutions to the graphic arts industry. Since its foundation in 1980 by current President and CEO, John H. Chen, PhD, Calchem Corporation has been dedicated to providing quality coatings for lithographic, flexographic and gravure printers, as well as state-of-the-art technologies for holograms transfer and metallizing.

With operations and customers in 4 continents, Calchem is committed to setting new standards in the printing industry by consistently developing new technologies for its customers and by offering environmentally friendly options for printing processes, such as water-based coatings and metallizing without PET lamination.

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Please check out our recent innovations below regarding water borne coating substitutes for PE extruded films and coating treatments to increase the rigidity of the corrugated medium.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Calchem, and welcome to the world of possibilities that Calchem offers you for your printings and packaging needs.


Aqueous Coating Substitute for Polyethylene (PE) Extruded Films

We have recently developed a water borne coating alternative to PE extruded plastic film lamination for sheet-fed and rotary applications.

This technology is based on a special formulated polymeric emulsion combined with inorganic mineral chemicals, without incorporating paraffin wax, silicone, or Teflon additives.

Barrier properties with respect to moisture, oil, and grease resistance are excellent. This coating technology is in compliance with the green environmental policy and is recyclable according to FDA code.


Enhancement of the Corrugated Rigidity

We have also recently developed a breakthrough coating technology to increase the rigidity of the corrugated medium.

This enhanced stiffness arises from a treatment of the corrugated medium by a special formulated coating. The treated system shows excellent Cobb values, a 30-40% increase in paper strength, and a significant decrease in deterioration of the paper strength in humid environments.

Overall, this is a remarkable technological advance from Calchem that we are excited to launch.


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